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“Good, cheap or fast. Pick two.”

My first job after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley was in a reputable Executive Training Program. I eventually moved into a recruiting role within Human Resources which launched my 15+ year career in Talent Acquisition and Training and Development.


The majority of my jobs have been at the headquarters of the company. In addition to recruiting, some of my roles included monitoring the training and development of new hires. I also helped many of them navigate their next move within a large organization and sometimes political environment.


My experience also includes diversity hiring, international hiring, confidential searches, sourcing, and coursework in marketing and coaching from U.C. Berkeley and New York University. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I’ve conducted dozens of job search strategy seminars and continue to work in Talent Acquisition to stay current and further expand my experience and knowledge.

Cathy Perez
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