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What clients are saying…

"Cathy helped me streamline my resume and practiced with me over Facetime so that I could present my accomplishments concisely. As an engineer, before I answer any question, I tend to spend much time setting the context first before coming to my solutions and impacts.  Cathy helped me in great detail on how to break a topic down and pause for feedback to keep the conversation more engaging.  Coaching with Cathy really helped me with presenting my skills and accomplishments and connecting with employers' needs.  I couldn't have been as effective without her help.  I would recommend her to any experienced professional who's looking for a new career direction."

- Ron, Materials Engineering Leader

  San Francisco Bay Area


"Working with Cathy has been amazing. She gave me a lot of great career advice and interview tips to help me land my new job. She doesn't just help update your resume, she helps get you ready to advance towards your next career goal. I'd definitely recommend her services for anyone looking for a career move or advice. Thanks again!"

- Emeric, Email Marketing Manager

  San Francisco, California

"Thanks so much for all the valuable feedback. It's been an immense help, and our discussions have given me more confidence in the job hunt."

Duke, Manager in the Tech Industry

  San Francisco, California

"Before starting my job search, I narrowed my interests down to two primary roles I might be interested in as my next step. One was an executive leadership position in my current industry and the other was an operations optimization position in a workout or private equity firm. Cathy helped me present my experience in a way that was appropriate for the new position in a different industry."

- Michael L, VP of IT
  Washington D.C. Area



"I’ve spent most of my career in marketing and media relations in the aviation industry, but moved to the health-care sector after 9/11. Now I am hoping to return to the international aerospace industry in order to advance my career. Cathy helped me frame and focus my resume to clearly state why I wanted to return to an industry I already know and how my experience outside the industry would benefit the company and my performance. She helped me sift through all of my information and present it in a way that made sense and whetted the appetite of recruiters."

- Kenneth S., Marketing Professional



“...things are finally looking up, and I really appreciate your assistance. I had an interview today with someone at a bank who told me I have a '[killer] resume,’ so thank you.”

- J.C., Senior Manager, Finance

  San Francisco, California



"I’m changing roles and moving into a different industry. I was getting interviews, but none of them resulted in job offers. My confidence was waning and it was showing in my interviews. Cathy helped me with my resume and interview skills so I would appear more focused. It boosted my confidence and helped me clearly articulate what value I would bring to the company. A friend referred me to Cathy and I would highly recommend her services."

- L. A., Marketer & Job Seeker
  Chicago, Illinois



"I was getting discouraged about my job search since I was getting very few interviews. I thought I had a really well-written resume, but apparently not!  Thanks for helping me get clarity and focus on specific positions and companies. I sent out my new resume and already got a call! Thanks again for your help - I feel more confident now."

- Theresa, Job Seeker
   New York, NY



"I submitted my resume for an internship before my junior year and didn´t get a response. I’d like to get an internship before I graduate in order to improve my chances to get a full–time job after graduation. Thanks for helping me re-write my resume, and for teaching me how to do an informational interview. I liked your advice about activities to get involved in before I graduate. Even though it was my mom's idea to talk with you, it was really helpful and useful to receive [this information] while still in school."

- David K., Student


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