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Resume Review

If you’ve updated your resume and aren’t getting traction, then you need to find out why, but you can’t ask potential employers. This plan gives you a quick, high-level review of your resume. I’ll send you suggestions via email, then schedule a 30-minute call to discuss. During the call, I'll also provide high-level feedback on your LinkedIn profile. You’ll make the changes to your resume, and you may send it to me for one final review.

Deep-dive Resume Review

It’s important to update your resume and present the information in a way it catches the eye of the recruiter. This package also includes the development of your brand, value proposition, and interview strategy, plus a high-level review of your LinkedIn profile.


This plan includes 120 minutes of phone time where we’ll talk about your experience in-depth and craft a compelling story. I’ll edit the content and format so you’ll have a strong marketing piece that represents your ability. I’ll also teach you how to tailor each resume for different roles and give you some tools to do so.


Interview Coaching

What you say is only part of mastering job interviews. How you say it is even more important, as it can hurt your credibility. Phone interviews are 100% voice and face-to-face interviews also take into account your body language, so you need to be polished in your presentation.


I’ll coach you on the content and delivery of your responses, plus develop a marketing strategy for the interview. We’ll focus on perfecting your responses to 10-15 interview questions of your choice, and then I’ll conduct a mock interview. This plan includes up to 150 minutes of coaching via video conference.

Open Coaching

Some clients have questions about other job-related topics and need guidance from a professional. I'm happy to share knowledge and provide guidance.


Sample topics from past clients:

  • effective networking skills

  • salary negotiation

  • how to pivot or change direction in your career

  • developing a career path and progression

  • working with a challenging boss

  • how to get to the next level

  • developing an exit strategy

  • evaluating and weighing opportunities


I offer a complimentary, 20-minute phone conversation to discuss how we may work together. Please contact me to schedule this free consultation.

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